SEO Resources

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, in a nutshell, helps your web site be found online.  The quantity and quality of your web content greatly affects your success.  Unfortunately, the formula isn’t that easy (quantity + quality = top search ranking).  Many behind-the-scenes factors are involved, including page load time, meta data, backlinks, etc. 

I found a wonderful cheat sheet – well, more like a cheat guide – that breaks down the most important on-page SEO elements and gives in-depth information on improving each.

According to NP Digital Co-Founder Neil Patel, the most essential in-page areas to pay attention to are:

1. Site Speed;

2. Meta Tags;

3. Content That Drives Search Traffic;

4. Crawlability; and

5. Mobile-Friendliness (or Responsiveness).

If you think your web site may benefit from some tweaks or even a complete overhaul in any of these areas, check out the On-Page SEO Cheat Sheet.


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