Approaching Social Influencers: Sample Text

In a recent post on Approaching Social Influencers (read that story here), I laid out components for drafting a pitch to your influencer of choice and said that I would provide some sample text going forward.  Today, I’m making good on that promise.  Below, you’ll find a quick reminder of the recommended components side by side with the corresponding fleshed out sample pitch. . . .

1. Introduce yourself.

2. Give a specific and thoughtful compliment – what exactly do you love about their personality, blog posts, videos, etc.? (Bonus if you can tell them that you’ve actually purchased something based on their recommendation.)
Hi. First, I want to let you know I’m one of your Daily Deal group members, and I absolutely love your Facebook group; I have purchased many an item based on your suggestions . . . particularly at Christmas time.
3. Introduce your business and your product or service and explain why you think it’s a match for this individual.

4. Include pictures – two should do the trick; maybe a high-quality close-up photo as well as another of your product or service in use.

5. Describe any tie-ins to an upcoming holiday or current events.
I noticed you include etsy links every now and again, so I’m assuming you’re an etsy affiliate; as a result, I figured I would offer you an item of mine at a discounted rate for your group members.

For people looking for an idea of what to get their someone special for Valentine’s Day . . . especially when people are going out less these days, my product — a coupon book template — could be a great choice.

Here’s a link to the item:

People can make as many coupons as they would like and even use the template year after year. Last Christmas, I gifted my mom 12 coupons for gel manicures from me; this year, I gifted my brother a coupon for a socially distant karaoke get-together hosted by me (since karaoke is something he has really missed since COVID). For couples, the options can be much more fun and interesting! LOL
6. Highlight the benefits for them. You can include the affiliate commission rate and any sales expectations (based on how well the product has done in similar or even very different promotions).In 2020, 522 coupon book templates sold, and Valentine’s Day was one of the most popular sales periods. With etsy’s 4% affiliate commission and your large following, I think this product has the potential to generate a nice income stream for you.
7. Give you and your product credibility – include company AND product ratings.When you click on the link above, you’ll see we have almost 3,000 shop reviews overall averaging almost five stars, and dozens of positive feedback for this particular product – a number of which that include great pictures showing how the coupon template was used.
8. Offer a coupon code or some type of discount specifically for this influencer, if possible.The cost is $6, and I’m offering you a 20% discount through Valentine’s Day for your group members (use code dailydeal at checkout), bringing the price to $4.80.
9. Make yourself available for follow-up questions.Please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts.
10. Thank them for their consideration.Thanks so much for your consideration!
11. Include your full name.Carole Mancuso

If you’d like, you can view the sample text here in full without the side-by-side explanation.

Hope you’ve found this helpful!  (And in case you were wondering, the Daily Deal group admin did feature the product, so . . . SUCCESS!  I hope you find an opportunity that’s perfect for you and your product as well!) 

If this sample pitch does prove useful for you guys, one or two additional samples will follow (I’m currently working on a pitch for a couple products for Christmas time).  Let me know of any questions or comments in the “Leave a Reply” section below. 

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