Punny Signs

In a recent post, Bob refers to a local church and a bar (two types of establishments in no short supply in our home town) that entertain the community with their signage, and he highlights how effective meaningful content can be in gaining visibility and recognition for your brand. (“Your Call Is Important To Us” (NOT!!))

I recently came across “Vince the Sign Guy” on facebook and felt compelled to share some of his signs as a very public and entertaining example for you.

Colorado native Vince Rozmiarek, a volunteer for the Indian Hills Community Center, did his first sign on April Fools in 2013, making a joke about the local police department. Him and his community were hooked, and he’s been at it ever since.

Ranked as a top ten Colorado destination, his signage has become famous far beyond the city limits of the small town of Indian Hills.

The Indian Hills Community Center facebook page has over 160k followers.

Hope you found a little inspiration in the humor!

Establish your objective, however ordinary, and challenge your thinking to be somewhat extraordinary in your path to achieve it.


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