Order Pizza for Your Employees

10-Minute Branding Refresher: How do you build your brand 10 minutes at a time? You start small, and you simply begin. An excellent way to convince yourself to get going is to plan your ending. You can even set a timer. Then, be sure to bask in the success of your huge accomplishment of actually beginning and also appreciate the amount of work that got done. Then, repeat the process tomorrow. And the next day. And so on. You will be amazed at your branding progress . . . 10 minutes at a time.

Today’s 10-Minute Tip

Your employees are your best brand ambassadors.  They have the most direct and frequent contact with the general public/your audience/your customers and can be the key to reinforcing the brand image and message you want to communicate while embodying your service philosophy.

In taking 10 minutes every once in a while to order pizza or some other treat (such as picking up the tab to have an ice cream or food truck come to your place of business), you tell your team that you recognize their importance and value their daily contribution . . . while giving you a chance to reiterate your branding message and service philosophy to a receptive group!

Want to take the gesture one step further? 

Treat each pizza party as an opportunity to highlight an employee of the week/month/year and celebrate his/her efforts by posting that person’s picture within the workplace.

Fast.  Easy.  Affordable.  Fun.

Pizza parties provide a perfect way to complete your 10-minute branding assignment for a day . . . and even save some time for yourself by taking care of your lunch!! 

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