Black Friday Alert: Corel Draw

Disclaimer:  While we only recommend products we know and love, we want to note we use affiliate links and may earn a commission for purchases made through those links.

Photo from Corel

If you’re one of our loyal readers, you know we are big fans of the Corel Draw Graphics Suite, so we wanted to let you know about Corel’s Black Friday sale currently in effect.  The Draw Suite is now available for $100 off ($399 from $499), and four bonus items are included for free (ParticleShop, ParticleShop Brush Pack Bundle, Painter Essentials 7, and WinZip 24 Standard). 

Corel Draw is not one of those products that’s perpetually on sale, so right now is a great time to buy if you’re in the market for a graphics package.

As we’ve said in a number of our articles: if you’re a graphic designer by trade, Corel Draw is probably not your graphics editor of choice.  If you’re a small business owner without a lot of graphic design experience who is choosing to do branding in-house, Corel Draw is a great choice.  You can address all your web and print graphics needs and produce sophisticated, high-end products . . . for a fraction of the price of the typical designer preference, Adobe.  (These days, most Adobe products are only available via subscription, and their special Black Friday price for their annual subscription paid monthly is $39.99 – $479.88 for the year . . . to be paid year after year for as long as you would like access to their products.  For some people, paying that amount for the Adobe Suite is an ongoing invaluable investment.  For others – like us, it’s like buying a Ferrari to take your kids back and forth to school.)

Click here to read a tutorial on How to Set Up Simple Print-and-Cut Business Cards in Corel Draw.

Click here to go shopping and give the Suite a try yourself.

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